VVS Productions and Catering employs highly trained, friendly staff members who know how important is to have high standards of customer service. Great service is now available to you whether or not you decide to have your event catered.

Our servers are trained to be professional and friendly toward your guests. From maintaining the cleanliness level of the space for a simple appetizer party to providing five-star formal dinner service, they are knowledgeable of every task at hand.

Bartenders - Our bartenders are fully trained to prepare any drink your guest might desire and are knowledgeable about pairing appropriate wines with your food selections. They are all trained in our GastroPop Infused Specialty drink menu to create numerous , fun cocktails for every palate. They arrive fully prepared with all the supplies needed to operate the bar, including shakers, strainers, bottle openers, wine key, bottle pourers, cutting board and knife, ice scoop, and bar towels. Please inform us if margaritas or other specialty drinks are on the menu so the bartender can bring the appropriate equipment.

Chefs - Providing your own food but need some assistance in the kitchen? Our fully trained chefs can assist with food preparation from start to finish. Each chef brings his or her own knife kit but will typically require the use of your kitchen equipment. If your party requires special equipment, we can arrange for this to be brought in.

Kitchen Assistants - Our helpful staff is trained to assist with all things that happen in the kitchen. They can help with everything from washing dishes, heating food, and cleaning up until your kitchen is cleaner than we found it!

Event Captains/Managers - Have you ever hosted a party and felt you were too busy to enjoy it? Our event captains and managers are trained to coordinate everything about your event, from setup to breakdown. They can assist with rental installs, direct a large staff, troubleshoot problems, execute timelines, and ensure you can relax to enjoy your own party!

Miscellaneous Staff - A full staff can really make your guests feel welcome! We offer door greeters, barbacks, bussers, coat check staff, production setup crew, and more to round out your service.

Servers - $25/hour + Bartenders - $35/hour + Chefs - $50/hour + Kitchen Assistants - $35/hour + Event Captains - $50/hour + Coat check, Door Greeter, Busser, Bar Back, and Production Crew- $15/hour